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As well as researching high-growth companies, we are one ourselves.

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0800 612 6768

5th Floor
Piano House 
9 Brighton Terrace


Our team

Alex Henman

Alex Henman Development Manager

Ben McLeod

Ben McLeod Senior Associate

Bernard Stockermans

Bernard Stockermans Developer

Brendan Clifford

Brendan Clifford Research Analyst

Charlie Songhurst

Charlie Songhurst Investor

Eleanor Sharman

Eleanor Sharman Marketing Associate

Ella Halmari

Ella Halmari Senior Marketing Associate

Ester Simões

Ester Simões Research Analyst

Fiona Macklin

Fiona Macklin Associate

Henry Whorwood

Henry Whorwood Senior Consultancy Associate

Jake Ford

Jake Ford Research Analyst

James Tribe

James Tribe Research Analyst

Jamie White

Jamie White Research Manager

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross Head of Marketing

Joseph Saxby

Joseph Saxby Chief of Staff

Julia Mantell

Julia Mantell Funder and Accelerator Team Leader

Kelsey Mills

Kelsey Mills Developer

Kevin Marsh

Kevin Marsh Head of Development

Leyla Omar

Leyla Omar Account Manager

Louis Lancksweert

Louis Lancksweert Research Analyst

Lucy Coutts

Lucy Coutts Research Analyst

Nina Coldham

Nina Coldham Intern

Patrick Reim

Patrick Reim Research Analyst

Pedro Madeira

Pedro Madeira Head of Research

Pravish Patel

Pravish Patel Lead Associate

Rosanna Killick

Rosanna Killick Associate

Sam Brealey

Sam Brealey Developer

Sareeka Linton

Sareeka Linton Associate

Simone Dauti

Simone Dauti Data Quality Team leader

Stephen Bence

Stephen Bence Founder and Chairman

Sylvie Mullens

Sylvie Mullens Research Analyst

Toby Austin

Toby Austin CEO

Tom Shannon

Tom Shannon Senior Associate

Valerio Campanella

Valerio Campanella Developer

Zahra Mawji

Zahra Mawji Research Analyst

Zoë Carmichael

Zoë Carmichael Lead Account Manager