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New features: How to search for scaleups

21 June 2017|by Valerio Campanella

For a full guide to the latest UK data on scaleups, take a look at our Scaleup Index, produced in partnership with The ScaleUp Institute and Smith & Williamson.

We're always working on updates to the Beauhurst platform to make it as powerful as possible. Some of these are small tweaks, others are large-scale changes to help expand our dataset or give you better tools to help you get the most out of our information on startups and high-growth companies.

Our latest round of updates open up Beauhurst data more than ever before.

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We blogged recently about our latest initiative: adding every single one of the UK's scaleups to Beauhurst. We've now opened our Advanced Search to allow users to find these fast-growing companies instantly.

In fact, you can now use Advanced Search to find companies that meet any one or more of our unique "triggers", along with any of the thousands of filters we already offer. Want to find growth-stage life sciences scaleups in Wales, or seed stage software accelerator graduates in the Midlands? Now you can.

Oh, and we've also upgraded our tools to let you search for any funder by their location – perfect for those looking to find investors (and co-investors) in their local area.

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We want Beauhurst to be as easy as possible to use, not just for finding exactly the information you need, but for "passive" browsing and learning about companies that catch your interest.

We wanted to encourage users to go from viewing one company to another more quickly, so we created a clever tool that automatically recommends similar companies to one that you're currently viewing,  based on all kinds of criteria, including descriptions, sectors, buzzwords and more. 


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