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Sneak preview: big changes to Beauhurst exports

30 June 2017|by Valerio Campanella

Following on from our recent tweaks to allow users to search for the UK's scaleups (which we think is pretty exciting), we've also made some large-scale changes to the less-talked-about area of Beauhurst – exports.

Beauhurst customers have always been able to extract a large amount of data from our system for their own analysis, or for importing into their own systems (for example a CRM). But we've had many conversations with users who want more customisation and flexibility in what they can export. We thought we'd give you a sneak preview of some of the work that we're doing to make our export system as powerful as possible.

Any data you want.


We've opened up Beauhurst data to allow users to export well over 100 categories of information, within these large groupings:

  • Legal details: including Companies House status, registered names and age
  • Location: Detailed location information, including full addresses
  • Classification: which Beauhurst triggers a company has met, plus a full description and its current stage of evolution 
  • General contacts & social media: Every social media platform and app store, plus company contact details
  • Credit rating: featuring a variety of credit rating information and dates of changes
  • C-Suite contacts & details: including job titles, phone numbers and emails and even gender and founder details
  • Financial statements: featuring all fields within company accounts
  • Activity: any notable events, from spinouts and accelerator attendences to fundraising and acquisition information


Data. Reordered.

We wanted our users to have the flexibility to export our data in a way that suits them. We've therefore created flexible reordering, allowing you to put the data you care about first.


How do I get access to these features?

We're just putting the final touches to these improvements, but once they go live (in a fortnight from time of writing), these will be rolled out to existing customers at no extra charge. Talk to your Account Manager if you'd like further information, or even a video walkthrough...

If you're not yet a Beauhurst user, click on the button below to organise your free demonstration. Or read more about our platform.


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