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The Deal 2014/15: 1000+ deals & £2bn+ invested

26 January 2015|by Jagdish Lall

With two notable milestones reached – 1k+ deals and more than £2bn +invested – we think it’s time to acknowledge equity investment as a mainstream funding option.

2014 was an outstanding year for growing companies, who collectively raised a record £2.3bn across 1006 deals from a range of funders, both traditional and disruptive. This investment was secured by a record 952 companies, a number of whom raised more than once in the year. Compared with 2011’s totals – £1bn into 363 companies – the change is particularly stark.


The most notable changes of 2014 were:

  1. Crowd funds crowd out angel networks: More than 30% of investments into fledgling companies were completed through crowd funding platforms in 2014 and we at Beauhurst see that number reaching 50% in the year ahead…
  2. Venture-stage renaissance paints bright future: After a troubling 2013, 2014 witnessed a revival at the venture-stage with investment shooting up by almost £300m to £658m. This should be reassuring for growing companies approaching this lifecycle stage…
  3. Technology and Services battle for the next ‘big thing’: Beauhurst’s Q3/14 review drew attention to the Business and Professional Services sector’s ability to pull in growth-stage capital, superseding the Technology sector. The full 2014 picture has Technology regaining the lead with investment almost doubling that of Business and Professional Services…
  4. North of the wall things weren’t so rosy: Years of uninterrupted expansion in Scottish equity funding came to an end in 2014. Beauhurst feels that the blame lies at the feet of the independence referendum – the contraction in activity aligns perfectly with the heating-up of the political debate. Is this a one-off?
  5. Time for proper recognition: 2014 was fantastic for the UK’s most exciting growing companies. With the way the funding landscape is progressing, we expect to see £3bn invested in 2015 and we at Beauhurst will be working to make this happen…

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