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The UK's high-growth companies

We don't collect data on millions of companies. We concentrate only on high-growth businesses. 

Using a combination of thousands of online sources and manual research, we constantly look out for news, updates and activity on these ambitious companies.



What do we mean by high-growth?

We begin actively tracking activity of any UK companies that meet one of our triggers of high-growth.

Equity Investment

Have received early-stage equity investment


Have undergone a management buy-out or buy-in

Fast-growth grant & debt

Have received certain types of grants or debt funding from fast-growth specialists

Constant tracking

Once a company meets our criteria, we create a "deep data" profile and actively track its activity, right up until exit.

We add a huge variety of data points to these profiles, from senior contacts and services, to financials, fundraisings and their investors.


Business-critical data

We are committed to constantly verifying our data, and making it as easy to use as possible.

We found the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes a bit unhelpful, so we created our own sector matrix.

And we got tired of confusing descriptions of funding rounds, so we created our own stages of evolution - used by the British Business Bank.

For more information on how and what we collect, read our methodology.

Where does this data go?

Every day, our Research team feed their latest findings into our platform for our customers to use in their own research.

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