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About this report

We have analysed all equity investment in UK startups and high-growth companies between 1 January - 31 March 2017.

We examine the size and frequency of deals around the UK, the stage of evolution, sector and location of companies that are being backed, and the nature of the funders that are backing them - from crowdfunding, to venture capital, private equity and more.


Key findings 

  • Overall deal numbers increased by 2.7% from the previous quarter. However, deal numbers were still 6.72% lower than in the same quarter last year.
    The total amount invested increased by 2.2%, the highest amount since Q1 last year.
    However, growth in deal numbers was only seen in early-stage deals.
    Growth was seen in medical technology and life sciences, with 3 of the quarter’s 5 biggest deals in this space.
    Crowdfunding saw almost £40m invested over 78 deals, an 8.3% growth in deal numbers. Again, growth was only seen in early-stage deals.


    The South East, the second busiest region for equity investment after London, felt a harsh decline of over 50% in deal numbers.