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About this report

The Deal is a free report analysing all equity investment in UK startups and high-growth companies. We release a new update every quarter.

The current version covers 1 July – 30 September 2017.

What do we analyse?

  • Size and frequency of investment
  • The top investors, including venture capital, private equity, government and angel networks
  • Detailed data on equity crowdfunding and comparison of platforms
  • Companies receiving investment, including sector, location and stage of evolution

The key points

  • A record quarter for deal numbers, and another bumper quarter for amount invested.
  • Investment into growth-stage companies led the way
  • Deals above £50m grow more frequent
  • London dominates the higher end of the market

Where does this data come from?

All data featured comes from the Beauhurst platform.  

Find out more

If you would like to read any previous editions of The Deal, please contact us at info@beauhurst.com