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We’re always looking at new ways to help you understand the UK’s high-growth companies.  Our latest update allows Beauhurst users to make the most of our growing dataset of news about every company we track.

We began collecting and analysing news on every company back in late 2016. We have already collected many thousands of articles, with our data constantly expanding as we find more companies and more news outlets to monitor. Our users love being able to see the latest updates on a company they’re interested in – whether announcing a major hire, significant growth or launching a new initiative. In short, we think company news is already pretty powerful. But our latest update allows Beauhurst users to dig much deeper into this data.

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We’ve brought the full power of our advanced search functionality to news articles, allowing you to find specific news and announcements with laser-like searches. The search below is just one simple example, displaying any articles we’ve spotted about tracked companies in the FinTech space within the last five months.

Discover new connections

We have even added news articles as a branch to our other advanced search capabilities, which opens up a powerful new way of finding companies, funders and accelerators – by those mentioned alongside others in a news article:

And using keyword searching within article titles allows you to zero in on companies who match your criteria. For example, below are the first few results of a search for articles mentioning the word “expand”:

As with any advanced search, Beauhurst now lets you view stats on your search within our news data. See the companies, funders and even accelerators that are mentioned – giving you a clearer idea of who is making waves in their space. As well as our headline improvements, we’ve also tweaked our advanced search to allow searching for companies by their Companies House ID. This allows a quicker way to match companies in your existing CRM to Beauhurst data.

How do I access these new features?

Our Companies House ID search is available to all customers at no extra charge. Our news features are also available immediately to all of our customers who already have access to our company news feature, again, at no extra charge.

If you are a Beauhurst customer but don’t have access to our news features and would like to know more, just email your account manager.

We can’t wait to see how our users are going to make use of this new functionality. If you’d like to know more, give us a call on 020 7062 0060 or drop us a line using the chat function in the far right hand corner of your screen!


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