We help clients use
our data beyond our platform.

Report writing & production

We create powerful thought-leadership using our data. We create and design reports in-house using a range of skills across the team.

Expert research

From surveys and consultations to Python analysis of data, our analysts use a range of techniques to help clients understand a topic in detail.

Data Consultancy

We have a range of data scientists and analysts who can help clients clean and structure their data.

Custom Integrations

We help our clients link Beauhurst data into their existing workflow, providing APIs and CRM integrations.

Presentations & talks

Our team regularly help clients to understand the high-growth landscape with presentations and events.

Sponsorship & promotion

Whether sponsoring our own reports or creating white label content, we help clients build their brand in the high-growth space.

Our team. Our team are experts in data analysis,
content creation and design.


henry whorwood

Henry leads Beauhurst’s Consultancy team. He is an expert on business finance and has worked on briefs for clients including the British Business Bank, Penningtons Manches, Syndicate Room, and Innovate UK. Henry regularly gives presentations on market trends at events around the country. He studied Classics at the University of Oxford.

Pedro Madeira | Beauhurst

pedro madeira

Pedro oversees Beauhurst's Research team, finding data on high-growth companies across the UK. He is an in-demand commentator on equity investment, crowdfunding and the fast-growth landscape. Pedro holds a BA and MPhil in Philosophy from King’s College London and the IMC qualification from the CFA Society.


Jake ford

Jake works closely with our clients to generate analysis and insights that answer their critical questions. He has worked on a range of projects, from surveys of CEOs to analyses of markets and investment trends. Jake holds a BA from the University of Bristol.


Ella halmari

Ella is a visual design and data analysis specialist. She is an expert in data visualisation and content creation, and oversees all of Beauhurst’s publications and brand. Ella holds a post-graduate diploma in Visual Communication from the London College of Communication and the IMC qualification from the CFA Society.

Our work. We have produced high-profile material
for clients in the public and private sector.

From the Golden Gate to the Golden Triangle

From the Golden Gate to the Golden Triangle

Penningtons Manches

We were commissioned by Penningtons Manches to examine the growth in investment into UK companies by funders based in the west coast of the US.

Penningtons Manches, Academic Spinouts

Analysing academic spinouts

Penningtons Manches

We worked with law firm Penningtons Manches to understand how many companies formed as university spinouts go on to raise funding and grow.

EY Fast Growth Tracker

Fast Growth Tracker


We worked with EY to identify the CEOs of the UK's fastest growing businesses. We then surveyed them for insight on their plans, priorities and problems.

Rise of the Growth Hunters

Rise of the Growth Hunters

Syndicate Room

Research examining the long-term returns and significant growth potential of early-stage investing. The report was widely quoted by the business press and helped position Syndicate Room as a thought leader in the space.

Small Business Equity Tracker

The Equity Tracker

british business bank

We work with the British Business Bank to produce an annual report presenting the state of the market of equity investment into UK SMES.

Scaleup Ambition Gap

Ambition Gap

Venture Founders & Coutts

We worked with Venture Founders to analyse whether UK high-growth companies lack the ambition of their US equivalents, based on our investment and exit data.

The Scaleup Index

Scaleup Index

ScaleUp Institute

We produced an in-depth study of funding for UK businesses that meet the OECD's definition of "scale up".

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