Our data

We have developed a dataset that we believe is truly unique.

We concentrate on high-growth companies and the organisations and individuals that help them grow.

Our data scientists, analysts and developers have spent thousands of hours perfecting ways to find and understand these fast-growing companies, and build a product that helps our customers do the same.

We update data on Beauhurst many times a day, from finding new transactions, companies, funders and accelerators, to verifying information based on company filings, announcements and other sources.

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining the most accurate data possible. We use a variety of technical methods to find and verify information, but in every case, virtually every datapoint is manually verified and maintained by our London-based Data team.

Ambitious companies profiled
Funders researched
Accelerator attendances
Grants logged
£ bn
Investment analysed
Key updates
Individuals profiled
Datapoints on tracked companies

How do we identify high-growth companies?
We look for signals to find companies that are growing rapidly.

Equity investment

Any company that has secured equity fundraising from any source. We are the only data provider that tracks every equity deal – even those that are never made public.

Why do we track this?

Equity investment shows that a company is ready to scale, an investor is confident enough to back it and it has secured capital to fuel its growth.

academic spinout

Any company that has been spun-out of a UK university or Higher Education institution.

Why do we track this?

Academic spinouts have a lot of potential, benefitting from intensive research and development, and extended support from the institutions they are born out of.


Any company that meets the OECD’s definition of a scaleup – 20% year on year growth in headcount or turnover, over a three-year period.

Why do we track this?

Meeting the definition of a “scaleup” is a clear sign that a company is growing quickly over a sustained period.

Accelerator graduate

Has completed one of the UK’s top business accelerator programmes.

Why do we track this?

The UK’s top accelerator programmes consistently produce some of the country’s most promising young businesses. We track their entire graduating cohorts because many of them go on to greater things.


Has completed a management buy in/buy out.

why do we track this?

Companies that complete MBOs and MBIs often go on to grow quickly as a result of new, ambitious management.

high-growth list

Has been listed on one of the UK’s top high-growth lists.

Why do we track this?

Featuring on a list like the Fast Track 100 or Technology Fast 50 indicates a company is growing quickly and is gaining visibility.

What data do we collect? We find a huge range of
information on every company that meets our triggers.

Key details


  • Sector
  • Beauhurst analyst description
  • Company description
  • Tech stack


  • Tracking status
  • Stage of evolution
  • Companies House status
  • Incorporation date


  • Registered address
  • Trading address
  • Country
  • Head office location


  • Key hires
  • Fundraisings & M&A
  • Features and profiles
  • New initiatives

People & contacts


  • Founders
  • C-Suite
  • Senior Staff
  • Directors
  • Shareholders

Contact details

  • Company email addresses
  • Verified c-suite email addresses
  • Phone numbers


  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Company social networks
  • App stores


Transaction types

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Grants
  • M&A


  • VC/PE
  • Corporates
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Angel Networks
  • Government
  • Family offices
  • Universities

Deal information

  • Pre and post-money valuations
  • Investment multiples
  • All investors
  • Verified amount
  • Source information


  • Academic institutions
  • Corporates
  • Accelerators
  • Spinout activity

Legal & financial


  • Full company accounts
  • Full annual return
  • Shareholders
  • Estimated paper worth


Full company accounts
Credit rating
Credit limit
Downloadable to CSV


  • Trading name
  • Registered name
  • Companies House number
  • Other trading names

Meet the team. Our senior researchers are experts on high-growth companies.

Pedro Madeira | Beauhurst

Pedro Madeira

As Head of Data at Beauhurst, Pedro oversees the team tracking investment into high-growth companies and monitoring trends. He is an in-demand commentator on equity investment, crowdfunding and the fast-growth landscape.

Jamie White | Beauhurst

jamie white

Jamie has been working at Beauhurst since the early days, and leads the Data Operations team. He takes care of hiring and resourcing, managing data projects, and increasing efficiency in the research team.

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