See the people behind the UK’s fastest-growing companies

Our new experimental feature helps you understand leaders across the industry

who's behind the companies?

Top entrepreneurs, angel investors,
C-suite executives, directors and shareholders. Networks lets you access rich information on anyone associated with a high-growth company.

View rich collated profiles

See C-suite positions, directorships and shareholdings for key people in the high-growth landscape. Identify HNW entrepreneurs or serial investors to reach out to.

Do better due diligence

Investing in, partnering with or selling to high-growth companies? Understand the people behind the companies better, and research their previous ventures.

Identify influencers

Find the key people in a sector or niche to reach out to for building your network.

understand demographics

View deep data on the demographics of people supporting the UK's fastest-growing companies.

explore relationships

Understand complex relationship structures and networks at a glance, with clear visual diagrams.

How does it work?

machine learning networks

Algorithmic and machine learning techniques

We use advanced machine learning techniques to match and deduplicate people from various companies around the UK.

networks manual review

Manual optimisation and research

We manually review contacts and add relevant information
to profiles as soon as we find it, so we'll always be up to date.

Review the key people. View rich profiles of every individual.

network summary profile
View our rich data on key people in one profile. See all directorships, shareholdings,
C-suite appointments and more at any high-growth company.

Understand relationship structures. View complex networks with ease.

Visualise complex relationship structures instantly. Get a clear picture of networks and relationships between different people.

networks graph

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